Fuzzy Lights - Rule of Twelfths album

Fuzzy Lights
Rule Of Twelfths album
Release date: 4th February 2013


Fuzzy Lights return with their highly anticipated third album 'Rule of Twelfths', their first new material since the Mojo Underground Album of the Month 'Twin Feathers' in 2010. Since their near-instrumental debut album of 2008, Fuzzy Lights have grown organically into a powerful and confident band weaving together elements of pastoral psych-folk and noise-rock. They now sit poised ready to reach a far wider audience with their most fully-realised and direct set of songs to date, hinting at elements of dream-pop.

'Rule of Twelfths' sees a number of positive changes in the music of Fuzzy Lights. Most noticeable is that violinist/pianist Rachel Watkins takes lead vocals on most songs, including lead-off single 'Summer's Tide'. The contrast between her delicate, melodious voice and soaring violin work is a huge strength. The lyrical imagery speaks of distance and closeness, but there are also hints at the intimacy of new life. Images of skin, veins and breath all fall from these songs.

Noise and crescendo has been another element of Fuzzy Lights sound to change this time around. In contrast to the previous two albums, the emphasis now is on the short, sharp shock: witness the thrilling fuzz-guitar solo that erupts at the end of 'The Hour', or the way 'Restless' twists around itself with sudden changes in direction. Several songs also feature string arrangements by Watkins, courtesy of the Iskra quartet, also heard on new albums by The xx and Jóhann Jóhannsson. They add a layer of bucolic beauty Layter' period Nick Drake.

'Rule of Twelfths' is a stunningly well realised album from a very special band who, on their third release, have reached that rare point where all influences are absorbed and what emerges is a coherent, unique statement that reflects only themselves.

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"Gorgeous... inspired... exploratory folk somewhere between Trees and Trembling Bells."

"Sweetly lulls the listener with delicate folk numbers before ambushing them with surging orchestral noise - this contrast between light and shade makes 'Rule Of Twelfths' so effective."