Fuzzy Lights - Rule of Twelfths remixes

Fuzzy Lights
Rule Of Twelfths remixes
Release date: 7th October 2013

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Fuzzy Lights new album 'Rule Of Twelfths' was released early in 2013 and received much critical acclaim and 6Music radio play. The  band have now invited four sets of remixers working in different musical realms to bring a new perspective to the album. This remix EP is an eclectic collection that expands the scope of Fuzzy Lights' music in unexpected and absorbing new directions. OLUGBENGA, a member of Metronomy, brings skittering beats and processed soundwashes to 'Second Skin' whilst BLK w/BEAR give a taste of their forthcoming 'The Final Mapping Of New Constellations' album on Little Crackd Rabbit with two interpretations of 'Hallsands' that investigate the story behind the song.  Meanwhile, ambient artist Richard Knox (Glissando, The Rustle of the Stars, A-Sun Amissa) drags 'Blind' through a haze of mesmerising reverb whilst A.R.C. Soundtracks preserve Rachel Watkins' pure vocal but surround it with bass drones and a cut-up string quartet.


"Gorgeous... inspired... exploratory folk somewhere between Trees and Trembling Bells."

"Sweetly lulls the listener with delicate folk numbers before ambushing them with surging orchestral noise - this contrast between light and shade makes 'Rule Of Twelfths' so effective."