Quiet Loner - The Captain's Diseased single

Quiet Loner The Captain's Diseased single

Quiet Loner - 'The Captain's Diseased'
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Release date: 1st April 2013
'B' side 'If love should rise on the winter tide' (live mix)
Previously unreleased out-take from the 'Greedy Magicians' recording.


‘The Captain's Diseased’ is the second single to be taken from Quiet Loner's new album of contemporary protest songs 'Greedy Magicians'. Picking up on the oft- heard mantra that 'we're all in the same boat', this rollicking sea shanty casts David Cameron as a deranged and syphilitic sea captain. The captain decides the sick and frail aren't working hard enough and casts them overboard. The allegory isn't subtle, at a time when the coalition is cutting billions from the benefits of disabled people and carers. Despite the serious subject, it pokes fun in the long tradition of satire, with its boozy accordion and cries of "he's syphilitic and riddled with fleas". Nevertheless it makes a powerful point.

Praise for Greedy Magicians:

"A powerful rallying call from Quiet Loner"

"Probably the most important record of the year"

"An anthem for resistance - 10 out of 10"

"a strong album about standing up and being counted"

"gets the tone spot-on. A superb album"