Trace - A Collection

A Little Red Rabbit Records Collection
Release date: 8th February 2010
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1. Last Harbour - Sunken Bells
Taken from the album 'Volo' (LRR016)
released February 2010
UNCUT : "Their most expansive album to date."

2. Anna Kashfi - Red Rag Doll
Taken from the album 'Survival' (LRR015)
released January 2010
MOJO : **** "Truly outstanding."

3. Lazarus Clamp - Hard Work Of Simple Things
Taken from the album 'Against Entitlement'
released November 2009
SUNDAY TIMES : "Articulate and considered."

4. Samson & Delilah - And When The Rose
Taken from the album 'Samson & Delilah'
released October 2009
AMERICANA UK : "A most beautiful album."

5. Kalbakken - Hvem Kan Segle
Taken from the album 'Then I Saw Summer & Sun On The Earth'
released May 2009
PLAN B : "Irrepressible sincerity."

6. Crazy Man Michael - Evangeline
Taken from the album 'The Green Light'
released November 2008
ROCKSOUND : "Perfect for a spot of festive cabin fever or winter worry. 8/10."

7. Fuzzy Lights - Safe Place
Taken from the album 'A Distant Voice'
released November 2008
PLAN B : "Just perfect - part hushed classicism and part crumbling intensity."

8. Anna Kashfi - Fall
Taken from the album 'Procurement'
released September 2008
AMERICANA UK : "10/10. One of the great records of 2008."

9. Last Harbour - Science Song
Taken from the album 'Dead Fires & The Lonely Spark'
released March 2008
DROWNED IN SOUND : "Eerie soul-searching." ***

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