Fuzzy Lights - A Distant Voice album

Fuzzy Lights
A Distant Voice
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Release date: 24th November 2008


Formed in 2004, Fuzzy Lights create haunted, visceral music that pulls and tugs at its moorings. As well as touring the UK as guests of Young God Record's Mi & L'au , they have shared the stage with Jack Rose, Vetiver and MV&EE amongst others. Hard to pigeonhole as they combine both folk purity and psychedelic noise with echoes of more traditional blues/ Americana, their reverb-soaked, semi-improvised music is now collected on their debut album 'A Distant Voice' . Perfectly recorded direct to tape in the Fuzzy house, 'A Distant Voice' is a slowly surging storm of a record. Mournful, pure violin lines and intertwining golden guitars phase into clamour and discord, blissful drones torn apart by screes of guitar violence and thundering percussion. Vocals appear through the haze only occasionally but when they do they serve to heighten the tension and not to provide a simple narrative. Fans of Dirty Three, Grails, Neil Young and Molasses will find much to love here.

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Fuzzy Lights : Safe Place by Little Red Rabbit Records


“Just perfect... moody rock with violin that's part hushed classicism and part crumbling intensity.  Sometimes words aren't needed.”

“A slow-burning record to lose yourself in... the nine tracks veer from widescreen violin-led majesty to garage rock noise-outs and ambient waves of sonic sandpaper... a huge, cinematic record of varied beauty. Like all great instrumental post-rock, the effect is an organic ebbing and flowing that gives the speakers a damn good work out.”

“For all those who reckon there hasn't been enough prog-rocking in the deepest darkest crevices of psychedelic folk of late, here comes the answer to your tie-dyed prayers. Following on from the critical success of acts such as Grizzly Bear and Our Brother The Native, comes this pure unadulterated sonic indulgence.A truly mystical record that defies expectation. Stunning.”

“A truly mesmerising soundscape.”

“Album of the week. Fuzzy Lights have taken many aspects of progressive atmospheric alt.rock and welded them to spooky landscapes and elements of alt.folk to astounding effect. 4.5/5”

“A rather wonderful debut album combines deft instrumental composition with haunting songwriting, featuring an especially electrifying violin presence that goes way beyond the call of duty, bringing to mind the wildly expressive bowing of Warren Ellis, able to articulate plaintive, lyrical melodies one moment and transform into a wild, untethered vehicle for free expression the next. The songwriting is far from conventional, but the arrangements are enormously beautiful, as best exemplified by the curious rustic space-rock of 'Safe Place'.”